If you are looking for a CBT therapist in Bath, I understand it can be a tricky choice. Sometimes it can be hard to make that leap of faith required when choosing to talk with someone you've never met about problems which may be challenging for you. With that in mind, I include here some brief testimonials from my previous clients to help give you an idea of how I work.

In reality though, my clients are the ones to whom I think credit is most due. In the final summing up, I would rather thank them for their commitment and effort on working through their difficulties. Real results come down to clients' courage to face their challenges, develop new perspectives and choose the best course of action for themselves.

"I had a course of CBT with Ali which I found really helpful. The sessions were thorough and well structured and at the end of each session I was given assignments to do and suggestions of further reading which I found helpful. Ali's friendly approach and welcoming manner combined with her knowledge and experience was reassuring. I felt that I could be honest and open during the sessions and that Ali had a good understanding of how to support me with a focused plan of action."  AR, Bath

"Ali worked through CBT with me to sort out some persistent and aggravating thoughts I had been having for years. She patiently explained the techniques, encouraging me to explore what worked best for me. Our sessions were thoughtful and focused. She allowed me time to work through what I was believing incorrectly that gave rise to the unwelcome thoughts. Since my sessions with Ali, these thoughts have lost their power. I recommend Ali to anyone who needs help adjusting their thinking from negative to positive." MR, Wiltshire

"I can't thank Ali enough! She listened to me and helped me identify my unhealthy thought patterns after a couple of sessions. I knew I was unhappy but didn't truly understand why or how to change it. She made a plan with me and after a few sessions I really felt the benefits. The tools that she has armed me with are invaluable for life and I cannot thank her enough. I am now positive about life and excited to move forward." PK, Bath

"I found sessions with Ali really helpful. They made me realise things that I never knew about myself and they taught me tools that I can now use. Highly recommended!" Liza, Keynsham

"Ali has been amazing, she made me feel at ease right from the start. I always felt like her approach was really personalised to me and my situation and I now have some valuable tools to use whenever I need them. I would not hesitate to recommend her." WG, Bath

If you have any further questions and would like to have a brief initial chat on the phone I am happy to hear from you. Phone: 07898 992010 Email: info@alibinns.co.uk